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May 12, 2009


Joanne W Cohen

I never thought of Sibling rivalry when I was young and innocent. My brother was/is a genius and was always writing and skipping years of hs and college and went on to be a great doctor. I loved him and admired him and still do. However when I "grew up" in my late thirties and decided to do something special and daunting and enjoyed the fruits of my labor I did think of my brother a lot and my self was able to be more of an equal instead of his little sister. I also love being his little sister but it is nice nice to be something of my own.
I have to say that my brother exhorted me to read and to have experiences; one that we laugh about a lot was that I should go to college and "learn to drink good scotch." I remember my mother had other thoughts and exhorted me to do something in college that would help me be independent. That is what a French woman, rational and logical, says to her daughter. The rational and logical is taken from a quote from my father.
Vive la sibling rivalry.
More to come.

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